3 Financial Tips For Choosing A Propane Gas Supplier

Posted on: 10 February 2015

You're new to living in the Midwest and have lots of new things to get used to. Among them you're going to begin taking propane-fuel deliveries for your home-heating system for the first time. 

You'll be in good company. While only 5 percent of U.S. households rely on propane to heat their homes overall, the percentage of homes that use propane in the Midwest extends into the double digits. Considering that you never know how severe a Midwestern winter will be, you want to be prepared. Here are a few tips when selecting a propane gas supplier for your home. 

Choose Value

When you're shopping for a propane supplier, you're likely to hear various prices for the fuel. Some propane marketers might not even give you a hard price at all. Propane gas is a commodity, which means prices are volatile and can change on a dime. Don't let it frustrate you.  

Base your decision not only on price, or lack thereof, but also on value. Look for specific features, such as a company with decades of experience and a reputable brand that the community has grown to trust. You might also want to find a supplier that is accessible to you 365 days per year, as you never know when your propane tank could need a repair of some sort. If flexibility is important to you, make sure the supplier has automatic scheduled deliveries but will also deliver on-request as needed. 

Fill Up Early

Propane prices are set based on supply and demand. This could work against you during a particularly cold winter that accelerates demand and sends prices skyrocketing. 

To manage your propane costs, inquire with the supplier about scheduling your deliveries in the months preceding the winter. While you may still draw on the supply during the summer and fall months, you're not likely to deplete your tank. By purchasing the propane before peak demand, you're likely to pay a lower price for it. 


You need a propane supplier like Mrohs Gas Inc, and the various propane marketers in your area want your business. Believe it or not, you've got some leverage in the negotiation process. For instance, you may have need for propane gas for more than just your home-heating system. If you can use propane gas for agricultural purposes or to power a generator or recreational vehicle, for instance, you can provide more business to your supplier. 

The more potential propane applications you've got, the more you can negotiate on price. Of course, the propane supplier still must earn a profit, but he might be more willing to work with you if he can cross-sell his product for multiple applications. 


When you're propane-gas supplier shopping, ask for any printed materials each company may have, such as brochures and maintenance schedules. This will help to organize your selection process. 


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