9 Tips To Make Compliance Training More Engaging

Posted on: 13 March 2015

When you say the words "online compliance training," there is a good chance that your employees' eyes glaze over. Usually, the idea of training is synonymous with boring. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your compliance training more engaging for your employees. 

  1. Know your employees. Talk to your employees to find out what is most interesting to them. Try to incorporate some of this into the training.
  2. Focus on shorter content. Compliance training courses can be broken into shorter courses to allow your employees to stay more focused. Longer courses can be draining and eventually the attention of the employees can start to wander.
  3. Incorporate simulations. Reading through hours of content without any visual breaks will leave your employees underwhelmed. Mixing up the training with visuals, such as games, can force an employee to become more engaged.
  4. Use pretests. If you have employees who have been through the training before, a pretest can be used to focus only on new content. When an employee passes a pretest, allow him or her to skip to the next section.
  5. Give out rewards. At the end of each course, ensure there is an award for successful completion. For instance, a certificate is a good way of acknowledging your employees' accomplishments.
  6. Make it realistic. Use scenarios throughout the training to help employees develop a connection to the training material. Not only does it make it more engaging, your employees are more likely to remember the material.
  7. Create custom content. The content that your employees view should be tailored to the position each one holds. By focusing only on what is important to a particular employee, you can avoid time spent studying irrelevant training information.
  8. Factor in humor. Compliance training is easier to focus on  with humor incorporated into it. An occasional joke can keep the mind stimulated and ready to learn.
  9. Give employees options. Instead of requiring employees to finish the training in one sitting, allow them to choose how they take it. By giving them a chance to break up the training over a period of time, they can avoid boredom.

Online compliance training does not have to be a tedious experience for your employees. In fact, to keep your employees focused on the material presented, it is best to work on making it more engaging. You can work with a compliance training service like Environmental Hazmat Services Inc to find other ways to get and keep your employees' attention.


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