Making Your Deliveries Efficient And Effective - Tips For Securing Your Propane Tank

Posted on: 20 April 2015

Whether you're trying to provide heat and warm water to a home in a rural area or merely providing an excess source of energy for your business, liquid propane can be an excellent method of doing so. However, the necessity of having propane delivered and then stored in an external tank means you need to be prepared to take certain measures to keep that tank secure.

Below, you'll find a guide to some suggestions for basic propane tank security. Keeping these suggestions in mind can provide you with the confidence to know that your tank won't be accidentally or intentionally damaged, and that you'll have full access to the gas energy you need any time you need it.

Tampering Protection

If your propane tank is located in a public area or is susceptible to jarring from frequent foot traffic, it's important that you take all necessary steps to secure it. A simple chain link fence can do wonders in limiting access, and you may even consider locking that enclosure if you have frequent problems.

It's also important that children are made aware that a tank shouldn't double as a piece of jungle gym equipment. Small feet climbing all over your tank are unlikely to realize when they're causing damage, and the resulting cracks and dings can cause serious issues if they aren't detected.

Vehicle Protection

An accidental vehicle collision with your propane tank has the potential to be catastrophic. Combining high energy forces with large amounts of flammable materials is never a recipe for success, and the costs to property as well as life should be avoided if at all possible.

The enclosures mentioned above can be effective in protecting your tank from a vehicle. You should also consider locating it as far away as possible from commonly used driving paths and instead construct a small service road that will only be used by your fuel delivery service.

Dome Valve Protection

The valves and connection points on your liquid propane tank are among the tank's most delicate parts, and they should be treated with care. The potential for rust or impingement that originates in the environment means they need to be shielded from both weather as well as damaged caused by debris. Installing a dome cover over the top of your tank will guarantee that your valves remain dry and shielded, and can offer the protection you need to be sure that propane flows smoothly any time you need heat.

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