Addressing Two Questions About Construction Debris Removal

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Whether it is new construction or a major renovation, building projects will generate a substantial amount of trash and debris. Unfortunately, most local trash pickup services are ill-equipped to handle this demand, and as a result, many private companies have emerged to handle this need. However, some people have never used a construction debris removal service, and this may cause them to have the following two questions about these services.

How Is Hazardous Construction Debris Removed?

Most of the trash and debris generated by a construction project is relatively benign. However, there are some substances produced by these projects that can be highly toxic. For example, it is common for asbestos to be discovered during renovation projects, and this material must be specially transported. In particular, asbestos will need to be in an airtight container during transport to minimize the risk of fibers from this toxic substance becoming airborne. 

Unfortunately, this is only one example of the many substances that can be encountered at a construction site that are harmful. Also, each community may have different rules governing hazardous construction waste disposal, and as a result, you should obtain a list of materials and chemicals that are required to undergo special transport. Luckily, you can obtain this information from the local building or waste disposal department. 

How Are You Charged For These Debris Removal Services?

Not surprisingly, there are expenses associated with these services, but it is important to understand that there are a couple of different methods of billing that your provider can use. For example, there are many of these companies that primarily charge individuals for the weight of the material being hauled away. Under this arrangement, you will pay a small delivery fee and deposit to get your trash receptacle, but the bulk of your expenses for this service will be determined by the amount of weight that is in the receptacle at the time it is emptied. Alternatively, other providers may have the bulk of their costs in the receptacle rental as opposed to the trash removal. 

Due to these discrepancies, you will need to speak with several of these providers to determine which one has the billing structure that works best for your needs. Luckily, these services usually have no problem providing individuals with a quote for their needs. You will need to provide basic details about your project including the size and scope of the work to allow them to accurately estimate your trash removal needs. 

Construction debris removal can be a daunting task, but it is necessary for any type of building project. By understanding your local rules governing hazardous construction waste and the way debris removal providers charge, you can be better prepared to get the most from these services.

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